I enjoy writing about politics, disability policy, and women’s issues. Below are some of the stories that I have written.

Powell, R.M. (June 23, 2017). How a little-known provision of existing law could lead to geo-tracking of people with disabilities. Rewire.

Powell, R.M. (June 15, 2017). Can we do away with “inspiration porn?” DAME Magazine.

Powell, R.M. (May 30, 2017). The Americans with Disabilities Act is under attack in Congress. Rewire.

Powell, R.M. (May 11, 2017). How we treat disabled mothers. The Establishment.

Powell, R.M. (May 8, 2017). With health-care bill, GOP forgets that people with disabilities vote. Rewire.

Powell, R.M. (March 6, 2017). What I wish I’d know about disability when I was younger. The Establishment.

Powell, R.M. (February 27, 2017). Until it honors disabled performers, the Oscars can never truly be diverse. The Establishment.

Powell, R.M. (February 17, 2017). Gun control shouldn’t mean stigmatizing the mentally illVice.

Powell, R.M. (January 24, 2017). Don’t thank me for marching because I’m disabled – join me. Bustle.

Powell, R.M. (January 19, 2017). As a disabled woman, I’m calling on my sisters to roll & march against Trump. Bustle.

Powell, R.M. (January 11, 2017). The right to learn, earn, and live: What Trump’s cabinet selections mean for people with disabilitiesRewire.

Powell, R.M. (January 9, 2017). Jeff Sessions is a threat to the disability rights movementThe Establishment.

Powell, R.M. (January 6, 2017). I’m a disabled woman. I’m scared about what Trump will do to my health careVox.

Powell, R.M. (December 12, 2016). Here’s what 60 Minutes got wrong about the ADA: Everything. XOJane.

Powell, R.M. (November 16, 2016). Steve Bannon is not only anti-Semitic, racist, and misogynistic – he is ableist. The Establishment.

Powell, R.M. (November 14, 2016). As a disabled woman, I am terrified by a Trump presidency. The Establishment.

Powell, R.M. (November 10, 2016). White women need to stop acting surprised by a Trump presidency. We caused it! Huffington Post.

Powell, R.M. (November 3, 2016). As a disabled person, I implore you not to vote for Donald Trump. Bustle.

Powell, R.M. (May 2, 2016). Motherhood is not off limits to disabled women, and I’m sick of doctors telling me otherwise. XOJane.

Powell, R.M. (March 3, 2016). Why I support Hillary Clinton: A disabled woman’s perspective. Huffington Post.